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Elizabeth Lenell-Davies, Anita Genua, Claire Davenport
111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss
13.5 x 20.5 cm
240 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-7408-0257-8
16,95 € [DE] 17,50 € [AT]
Erscheinungsdatum: 28. Juni 2018

Elizabeth Lenell-Davies, Anita Genua, Claire Davenport

111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss

Travel Guide

Toronto has been described as a city within a green space. Hike inner city trails along the many ravines. Ride in a canoe or skate along the water's edges. Take the longest streetcar ride in North America through flourishing neighbourhoods, full of hidden gems to discover. Find the small artisanal ice creameries, wander the graffiti alleys, or make music at a karaoke cocktail lounge. Explore the allure of the 6ix, with 111 Places in Toronto That You Must Not Miss.

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Elizabeth Lenell-Davies

Elizabeth Lenell Davies mixes architecture and design with intentional acts of urban acupuncture to positively transform communities. After completing her Masters in Architecture in Los Angeles, she worked on the design of the Bangkok Contemporary Art Museum. The architectural model, made to fit in a travelling suitcase, connected LA, Bangkok, and New York. While in New York she co-wrote The (Cosmos)etic Case, a pithy book distributed by Printed Matter. Elizabeth currently resides with her family in Toronto, where she teaches an architectural program for the arts organization No.9, called Imagining My Sustainable City to thousands of youth in diverse neighbourhoods. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation to envision building a sustainable Toronto.

Anita Mai Genua

Anita Mai Genua is a writer, educator, and urban explorer. She is a native Torontonian and has worked at Canada's CBC Radio's National News as an editor. She has taught high school, designed software for education, and recently, has co-written a book Happier With Habits. As a world traveller, wanderlust and storytelling have always appealed to her. Even in her youth, Anita enjoyed telling stories of her home when she helped co-ordinate an exhibit “Life in Canada” under the watchful eye of the KGB in glasnost era Soviet Estonia. She now lives in downtown Toronto with her husband, 2 children and dog.

Claire Davenport

Clare Davenport's insatiable curiousity serves as her beacon for her life's pursuits and professional choices. She has had a varied career as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, an international strategy consultant to the CEO of numerous businesses including, as of late, a national children's cancer charity. As a certified nutritionist, yoga instructor, and co-author of the book Happier with Habits, she guides others through workshops and blogs. Nothing delights Clare more than helping others travel down their chosen path. She is grateful for the amazing neighbourhoods of Toronto, which have been her home for the last 20 years. Clare can often be found exploring and photographing the city with her husband, four children and two dogs.

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