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Brian Hayden
111 Places in Buffalo That You Must Not Miss
Mit Fotografien von Jesse Pitzler
240 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-7408-1440-3
18,00 € [DE] 18,60 € [AT]
Erscheinungsdatum: 22. Juni 2023

Brian Hayden

111 Places in Buffalo That You Must Not Miss

Travel Guide

Discover the hidden gems, lesser-known stories and off-the-beaten path locales that make Western New York such an extraordinary place to visit. Explore the rich history, unique regional food specialties, tucked away neighborhood bars and secret hideaways found across these two cities and beyond. Experience the Buffalo and Niagara Falls that even locals may not know about – and come away with a renewed appreciation for this historic and inspiring region.

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Jesse Pitzler

Jesse Pitzler, after separating from the Marine Corps, started his journey as a photographer and cinematographer in Seattle, Washington. He moved to Austin in 2017 to experience the summer heat and continue his education. He has traveled across the United States, creating beautiful visuals for various mediums. As a certified Part 107 drone operator, Jesse is leveraging this new technology in creative and innovative ways.

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