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Kathleen Becker
111 Places in Lisbon That You Shouldn't Miss
13.5 x 20.5 cm
240 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-7408-0383-4
16,95 € [DE] 17,50 € [AT]
Erscheinungsdatum: 15. November 2018

Kathleen Becker

111 Places in Lisbon That You Shouldn't Miss

Travel Guide

Lisbon, Lisboa … the Portuguese capital stands for colourful tiles and architectural contrasts, the most sunshine hours in Europe and a very special light, for stockfish tascas and cafés, for traditional shops next to postmodern shopping centres. Lisbon is in fact the oldest city in western Europe: even the ancient Phoenicians knew they would always find safe harbour here. Today the city is booming again like no other time since the days of the great voyages of discovery. Foreign investors are buying into it, facades are being surrounded by scaffolding. The goldmine of tourism has created a new international flair, brought jobs and attracted film teams, scrubbing away at the morbid charm of urban decay. Lisbon's lively cultural life now includes a young blossoming street art scene; it is a city with rather reserved, friendly people and an unflustered multicultural identity. With the help of this book, track down the Portuguese soul – and the famous saudade!

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Kathleen Becker

Kathleen Becker, 1970 als Kind deutsch-irischer Eltern in Marburg geboren, Studium der Anglizistik und Romanistik in Marburg, Köln, Toulouse und London, ist freie Autorin (Deutschlandradio, Magazine) und Übersetzerin. Sie arbeitet als Reiseleiterin in Lissabon, ihrer Wahlheimat seit 2006 und auch im Alentejo, auf den Azoren, in Irland und der ehemaligen portugiesischen Kolonie São Tomé & Príncipe.

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