Kai Oidtmann
111 Places in Iceland That You Shouldn't Miss
13.5 x 20.5 cm
240 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-7408-0030-7
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Erscheinungsdatum: 23. November 2017

Kai Oidtmann

111 Places in Iceland That You Shouldn't Miss

Travel Guide

Iceland's specialties are its contrasts. The capital of Reykjavík offers urban life with an unbelievable cultural variety, yet you can find yourself in total isolation in the barren lava landscapes of the island. Fire and ice have not only shaped the unmistakable face of Iceland, they have also produced a special kind of people. Regardless of volcanic eruptions, a financial crisis, or long winters, Icelanders love their country. So will you once you are on the trail of the Lagerfljot Worm Monster, dance through Reykjavík's long party nights, or bump into a solar-powered Coke machine in the middle of the East Fjords. In this entertaining and informative book, Kai Oidtmann leads you to places that cannot be found in other guides. He shares his extensive insider knowledge and presents a picture of Iceland so charming that you will want to buy your plane ticket immediately.

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Kai Oidtmann

Kai Oidtmann lebt in Köln und arbeitet als Autor für Fernsehen und Hörfunk. Trotz seiner Vorliebe für warme Temperaturen hat Island ihn von der ersten Sekunde an begeistert. Spektakuläre Natur auf dem Land, kulturelle Vielfalt in der Stadt und Menschen, die sich von fast nichts aus der Ruhe bringen lassen – das weckt sein Fernweh nach Island.

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