Kirstin von Glasow
111 Gardens in London That You Shouldn't Miss
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ISBN 978-3-7408-0143-4
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Erscheinungsdatum: 29. Juni 2017

Kirstin von Glasow

111 Gardens in London That You Shouldn't Miss

Travel Guide

Which garden you can only enter accompanied by children? Where can you find walrus bones, vampire stories and inspiration for red telephone boxes and since when do you see skateboards and mobile phones in roman mosaics? London's gardens and parks not only form the green lung of the multimillion capital but also its heart and soul. Londoners commemorate their beloved on park benches; they volunteer to keep up community gardens and nature reserves and they get upset when snails attack their favourite plant. The over 400 green spaces in the city are not only testament to the English love of gardening; they are also steeped in history: kings hunted here, airships were built in London parks and many famous Londoners are buried in graveyards turned gardens. Our guide leads the way to the unknown corners of major parks, shows you enchanted green paradises and tiny gardens tucked away in the skips or on the rooftops of the capital!

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Kirstin von Glasow

Kirstin von Glasow studierte in Köln Germanistik, Philosophie und Kunstgeschichte. Sie arbeitete als freie Lektorin für den DuMont Buchverlag. Später zog sie nach London, wo sie noch heute lebt, Drehbücher schreibt, Kurzfilme macht und Ausstellungen organisiert.

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